At LEAN Construction Co. we understand that the process of remodeling your home can be stressfull and sometimes daunting.  We strive to provide the easiest most transparent process to make the home of your dreams as seamless as possible.  We have streamlined our process to be as simple as possible while making sure nothing falls through the cracks!  We look forward to walking you through your project step-by-step.


Our team will speak with you about your vision for each space to gain an understanding of what you are looking for. We will take photos and any necessary measurements, as well as speak with you about our designer’s suggestions.

Our skilled designers will speak with you about your goals and ideas. Then, we will start to design your project. We will use the ideas provided to us during your design meetings, and blend them with the latest features and trends, to create your custom remodel.


We will meet with you for a presentation of our design and bid, going over the various elements we incorporated into the design. At this meeting, you will be given your construction contract and full proposal. Next, we will make selections for the elements that appeal to you. This includes paint colors, lighting, fixtures, appliances, tiling, flooring, furniture, and more! After the materials are ordered and the building plans are approved, your remodel will begin. Our team will discuss with you what to expect in the coming weeks.


Our professional will work diligently each day to ensure your project is completed on time with a high standard of quality. You will be able to speak with your team at any given time about your thoughts and to receive updates.


Once the remodel is finished, we will celebrate! We have confidence that you will love your design and remodel!


After you have had a moment to enjoy your fresh remodel, a sales member will meet with you to recap the process and gather feedback. This not only helps us, it will also give you full closure to the project!